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Sitting on bucolic farmland off Highway 52 in Rural Hall, NC, the Red House is home to myself and Tyler Nail, and is where we record, mix, and produce our individual projects as well as several others. As any prior visitor will attest to - the space is, on average, representative of an artist's ideal location for relaxing, creating, and conversating. (Artists who prefer such activities in rush-hour traffic or on construciton sites are outliers.)


We are always looking for more artists to get to know and help record.  The Red House is also home of the Red House Songwriter Sessions and will be hosting house concerts in the near future.

Check out the page to learn more details about past, current and upcoming projects, and how you can get involved.    

After college, I moved back to Winston-Salem in 2010 and met my second (and second coolest) brother, Tyler Nail. We spoke after a local talent competition of sorts, started hanging out, talking/playing/recording music, and became good friends and excellent debate partners. Aside from simply loving the music, I saw in Tyler a distinct commitment to craft and an undoubtedly precocious vision forming that I belived in. He asked me to join his solo project as guitarist and supporting vocalist to which I said, no. Let me be clear, my participation was the result of extortion. Just kidding. I willingly joined. This band gave me the thrill of getting out of my comfort zone on guitar and brought about a great artisitc partnership among the three of us. It has taken us to many places, as we travel often. Whenever possible, we chronicle ("caricature" would be a better word) these trips on Tyler's blog, Cage of Words. Tyler just released "Feathers" in September, and we are currently working on a new album, "Under Evergreens" at the Red House Studios. Check out Tyler's page ( for more info.



Still in the conceptualization stage with this one, but here's the gyst. I'm going to explore a few potentially trivial questions of mass importance that have been gnawing away at the back of my mind and rudely (but appropriately) interjecting themselves too often into late-night, bourbon-inflected conversations. We're developing some more specific reserach topics in the background. But, I'd love to see what type of interest is sparked based off this vague description. If you're interested, submit a message via the "Project Inquiry" button below.  What are you waxing-poetic on lately?


For clarity sake:

This will be simply observational and exploratory. Think cultural ethnography. Think as if you just finished week 3 of a semester full of humanities 101 classes and are considering banging out a two-page thesis for all of them in a few nights just for the hell of it. Think about thinking what people are thinking about and learning nothing in the end. 


Salem Collaboration aims to produce roughly one project a year involving any number/types of artists throughout the Winston-Salem, Piedmont-Triad area.  Our most notable production to date was the album, When I Go Away - A Tribute To Levon Helm. After Levon Helm of The Band passed in 2012, Tyler and I started planning this tribute album which featured musical arrangements of Levon songs interpreted by local artists from across the area. We are in the process of relicensing the songs so the album can be made available for streaming. More info to come. You can check out the kickstarter video for the project here, and listen to Tyler and I discuss the album with WFDD's David Ford on Triad Arts hereIf you would like one of the few remaining hard copies of the album, click the album cover below to send me a message.


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